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Some of the MYAF major awards include:

The Michigan Youth Appreciation Foundation

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Metro Detroit Youth Day Founded:  1981

Attendance at First Youth Day:  1,100 kids

Attendance 33rd   annual Youth Day:  34,000 kids

Youth Participation since 1981:   More than 1 Million!

Participating Partners / Sponsors:  240 


Participating Partners / Organizations:  360

Number of Volunteers annual Youth Day:  1,600

  • Point of Light Award from President George H.W. Bush and The Points of Light Foundation
  •  The Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness
  • The Shining Light Award from the Detroit Free Press
  •  Michiganian of the Year Award from The Detroit News
  • WXYZ-TV7 Detroit 20/20 Award among others 


     Metro Detroit Youth Day is a great way to channel children’s energies in a positive and constructive setting. We have been doing this for 30 years now and we have become a metro Detroit tradition with this successful formula.
     Not only is it a tradition youngsters look forward to each year, but this event united a community and brought peace and tranquility to Detroit following altercations in 1980 between youth and area retailers on Livernois Ave. between Six and Seven Mile Roads.  Then mayor Coleman A. Young met with community leaders  to calm tensions, and Ed Deeb met with retailers urging them to be more sensitive to customers to help restore calm.  The Mayor asked Ed to “do something” to help resolve the problem.

     The idea for Metro Detroit Youth Day, the largest youth event in Michigan, which has drawn over 800,000  youngsters over the years was born.  Founders Ed Deeb, the late Tom Fox and the late Jerry Blocker, formulated the goal of bringing together metro Detroit area youth from all walks of life for a day of sports, fun, and constructive activities, and to show youngsters that business people, the community and the food industry cared about them and respect them.

     This event has grown annually from some 1,100 participants the first year to more than 34,000 youth in 2013.  In addition more than 1,600 volunteers lend a helping hand to supervise the sports clinics, games, contests, luncheon and various other activities held at this colorful event.   Volunteers come from more than 340 organizations and 240 businesses and civic groups who support Metro Youth Day.